Carmina Blooms Flower Tutorials

Today, I finally finished taking pictures of the Carmina Blooms Ribbon Fabric Flower Tutorial.  Whew!  Tomorrow, I’m going to start making the Sinta Rose Fabric Flower Tutorial. I am excited to release this tutorial pattern because you can create six different kinds of flowers and a headband…and they are all no sew tutorials!   I’m also going to teach how to put a stem on these flowers so you can use them in making bridal bouquets.Carmina Blooms Fabric Ribbon Flower Clip

These fabric ribbon flowers would look great on clips and wedding bouquets.

Carmina Blooms flower tutorial

Carmina Blooms Fabric Flower Tutorial with french beaded stamens Elastic Headband Ribbon and Fabric Flower Tutorial Carmin Blooms

Carmina Blooms Baby Headband Tutorial

Ribbon Flower Tutorial Lime Green Carmina Blooms

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